Humor Academy 2.0 Course

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     In this course, we will analyze how humor works, you will learn and practice the basic humorous techniques, we will analyze topics for jokes what you can joke about and jokes topics which are forbidden. We will pump up your humorous muscles to make it better and more useful. The main task of the course is to open for you the boundless world of humor, immerse you in this world and teach you to feel great in it. Taking this course definitely will help you to improve your sense of humor and will help you to use humor in your daily life.

     Everyone has a sense of humor, someone is at a low level, someone in the middle, and someone at a high-level right up to heaven, but not all people improve this sense of humor or are going to improve. This course is specifically designed to awake in you this sense of humor.

     You will receive such knowledge and tools that, with the help of your imagination, your mental abilities and your ability to work, will give you the opportunity to give out humor, jokes and laughter.  Sense of humor can be developed and improved and this has been confirmed by many outstanding comedians and stand-up comics.

     You just need to make a little effort to practice it and to use humor in everyday life, because life happens every day, every minute and second, and it wants to be funny at every moment. A lot of people want to joke, they just don’t know how to do it. and therefore we will give you a theoretical and practical basis on how you can joke, how you cannot joke, when it is better to joke and when you need to joke, how to give out your joke, at what point, which audience should you do it.

     All of the information in this course is 100 percent correct and is taken from the analysis of professional comedians who have been working in this field for over 15 years. To learn how to joke you need to perform all the tasks in this course and some exercises are even better to do every day to develop your imagination and your humorous muscles. Just overcome your laziness and do every task responsibly and creatively and if in the task says, come up with 5 jokes on a specific topic, then come up with 15 and choose 5 best ones from them and only with this approach you will achieve the maximum result, because these are your results, your life and take maximum from it.


What People Say About The Course

You have to take Humor Academy course. I am very happy with the end result!
So Amazing Course and now My Humour skill is much higher
Great course, I am learned a lot of new. Love it. Huge thanks!
Passed this amazing course and now for me much easier to create new content and go to open mics.